Our Tutors

We have over 100 tutors in New York City. All of our tutors have a Bachelor degree or higher and are specialized in the school Board curriculum in their region. Some of the credentials of our tutors include BASc, MASc, PHD, MBAs, CMAs, CGAs, CFAs

Our tutors are not only caring and patient, but they also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, our tutors go through a formal interview process and a series of reference checks.


English Tutor

Robert has been a tutor in English (SK to University) with Book Smart Tutors for over 5 years. He has freely imported his talent and experience in writing and editing to benefit students of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. A graduate in Political Economy (1977) from Princeton University, blogger for Book Smart, entrant in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest, long time involvement in local community theatre, onstage and behind the scenes, Robert is especially passionate about teaching effective communication to today’s youth, a mission that he sees as an invaluable investment in their future.


Math, Physics tutor

A motivating and talented teacher, with over ten years of tutoring and three years of in-class teaching experiences, driven to inspire students to pursue academic and personal excellence. Dedicated to communicating with parents, accurate student assessment, recording and communicating student progress with corresponding students and guardians and providing relevant course materials for effective learning. Specialized in managing students, maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings and developing student’s numeracy skills and scientific knowledge. She has two M.Sc in physics. Her first M.Sc in atomic & molecular physics from Iran and the second one from Canada, and a B.Sc in solid-state physics from Iran.


Chemistry, Math tutor

Sabrina holds a bachelor degree in safety engineering at University of Science and Technology and a diploma in Chemical engineering. She has over 2 years of experience working as a teaching assistant and over 2 years of tutoring experience. Her specialty is in Math , PreCalculus, Calculus, Chemistry and physics


Math, Science tutor

Shruti is a math instructor at a local college and is familiar with the IB curriculum and SAT exam. She has over 10 years of experience giving one one one tutoring for Math and science subjects She is detail oriented, quality geared and has demonstrated her ability to motivate students and improve their grades. She has a bachelor degree in Mathematics and has worked for Book Smart Tutors for about 6 years.


Math, Science tutor

Stone is a one of the mentors for the University mentorship program for ESL students where he assists students with class assignments and communication skills. He is also a teacher at a local community Church, where the main job was to teach international students English and converse in a small group. He holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics at the University of Calgary and he is a motivated individual that enjoys teaching students primarily Math and English, focused on grades 6-12. His passion comes from helping students find success by achieving goals together.


English, IELTS Tutor

Mark is a lecturer and an English language teacher adept at teaching elementary and high school students. Through the past 9 years, he has gained experience in communicating and partnering with kids, adolescents and young adults, in particular those between Grade 4 and 12. His strength is in teaching IELTS and e-Learning – Having sat for the IELTS in Japan, Cambodia, Taiwan and Hong Kong in recent years, he is extremely familiar with its requirements and format. He is proficient at creating a fun and inspiring learning environment. Tech-savvy, with sound mastery of Google Classroom, flashcards, Kahoot, and Skype. He is able to give feedback on learning to students and their parents on a regular basis. He has a Certificate in Law from University of British Columbia (UBC) and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in English, from Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)